Cowboys owner and former president become candidates for the Hall of Fame

Former league president Paul Tagliabue and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones are chosen as candidates for the Hall of Fame of 2017 session.

Jones bought the Cowboys in 1989 and fired Tom Landry who had been the team coach, after that, the Cowboys won three Super Bowl champions from 1992 to 1995.

the Hall of Fame

Jones, 73-year-old, got rich by the oil industry, and he was also a pioneer in sponsorship negotiations, ever finalized the sponsor contract outside the league’s revenue sharing model and lead to a legal dispute between the NFL as a result.

Tagliabue served as president of the league from 1989 to 2006, during which time the NFL expanded from 28 teams to 32 teams and constructed 20 new stadiums. He helped negotiate a $25 billion agreement for television in 2006, the establishment of NFL networks also gave the credit to him.

Besides both of them, the former Seattle Seahawks security guard Kenny Easley, who serve as the senior member of the candidate, is also regarded as a candidate by the statement. Easley was selected to the Pro Bowl five times in his seven-year career and became the league Defensive Player of the Year in 1984.

2017 session of the Hall of Fame will have 18 candidates, and members will be determined in the next year’s Super Bowl weekend.