Broncos coach Kubiak will return on Monday

Denver Broncos coach Gary Kubiak will return as scheduled Monday morning.

Team officials on Saturday told ESPN that Kubiak has informed his return to the team. The interim coach Joe DeCamillis jerseys said Friday he had known Kubiak’s Monday morning plan.

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cheapest NFL jerseysKubiak was taken to the hospital by an ambulance after the Broncos lost to Atlanta Falcons on Sunday night and had been at home for the past week. Kubiak stayed in the hospital that night since he was diagnosed with “complex migraine symptoms”.

He has undergone further checks in recent days as the doctor tried to determine what is the cause of a headache.

In the past week, coordinator of the special team DeCamillis served as team interim coach. He took over coaching duties for four whirlwind days ahead of Thursday’s game against the San Diego Chargers. The jolting loss left the temporary head man fuming.

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“I just wish we could have got a win for the city, got a win for the organization,” he said, via the team’s official website. “I’m sick to my stomach. It’s sickening. I hate to lose, man. That’s all.”

Broncos coaching group said they had held back not to contact Kubiak most of the time of the past week. But DeCamillis admitted he did call Kubiak a few hours before the game.

DeCamillis said: “We haven’t really discussed that. That’s more of a question for [Kubiak] when he comes back. I did get to talk to him, which was great. He was so supportive all week. He was excellent for me. He was a great resource, but I’m glad he’s coming back, that’s for sure.”

Kubiak and his son watched the Broncos game together.