Cardinals security guard Mathieu first time participated in training after knee injuries

safety guard Tyrann Mathieu returns to training after nearly eight months when he hurt cruciate ligament of his right knee in Week 15 last season.

“I feel great,” Mathieu said after training.” I have to restore my speed, but beyond that, I feel great. I feel my movement is very good. ”

Tyrann Mathieu

The team’s coach Bruce Arians represented the initial plan was to let Mathieu and other two players who activated on the physically unable to perform list, to participate personal training, then determine whether to allow them to continue to train after re-evaluating their progress and health recovery.

Mathieu did not agree to this arrangement. In addition to personal training, he also participated in 7v7 and 11v11 training, and he trained with the starting lineup in the 11v11.

Mathieu said he could only use 80% of his speed, and be hesitant occasionally. In general, he was “very surprised” for his performance in the first training.

Mathieu felt able to ready for the season opener game against the New England Patriots. Although he plans to take it easy and does not rush to return to full-contact training, calling his return to training as “a great first step.”